September 27, 2022

As difficult as it is to select the most outstanding high school basketball player of all time, it can be a controversial stalemate.

It’s no secret that the game has changed, so looking at an icon from the 1960s cannot be equated with a player who has dominated for the last five or more years.

But there’s also an argument (the game behind the game, if you will) where historical genius … well, historical genius — the fact that it happened when Twitter didn’t exist has little meaning to the overall biography. And vice versa.

That thought process provided the basis for answering our questions about the 25 greatest of all time. We wanted to see influential players throughout history – who could easily adapt and play tomorrow and they could do the same thing in any era.

Of course, there was a need for more substantial material beyond the criteria. So, realizing that it would still be finalized as an opinion ranking, we included general issues like position and competition, and we weighed what it means for the success of the player team while trying our hardest. No. To consider what each player did after high school.

Once the research hoopla has settled, we land on this 25.

(Best of 2022: USA Today High Sports Super 25 Boys Basketball)

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