September 27, 2022

Looking at Bianca Bellayer’s list of accomplishments, it’s hard to imagine how little time she has actually spent with the organization.

The reign of a SmackDown women’s title, WrestleMania headliner, losing three 30-minute plus stunts at the Royal Rumble and a four-on-one adversity in the Survivor Series, will be the happiest CV entries at the end of a career – but EST has come in less than two years.

Despite this one thing will always haunt him. Becky lost to Beach Lynch in 30 seconds at SummerSlam last year.

This puts an end to the reign of his title and for a short time casts into some doubt what had been going on before.

“You really can’t talk about SummerSlam and the year of EST without talking 26 seconds,” he says.

“I am very much interested in rewriting that bit of history and my legacy will not stop there. I’ve tried to stay positive and try to have a great view of it but at the end of the day I’m trying to rewrite what happened at SummerSlam. Becky Lynch has an unfinished business. “

The road to that business could begin this weekend in Saudi Arabia. Bellaire will enter the women’s elimination chamber match for the first time, where the winner will line up for a shot at the RAW women’s title, currently in Lynch’s hands, at WrestleMania.

Bellaire will be battling Rhea Ripley, Nicki ASH, Dudrup, Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss in Jeddah and has memories of her first trip to the Kingdom while competing in a stunning triple threat match with Lynch and Sasha Bank.

As his meteor grew, he wasn’t sure fans in Riyadh would know who he was that night – it quickly turned out to be wrong.

“I didn’t know how much the fans knew about me and I wasn’t sure if they would recognize me or cheer for me, but it was great. I was very welcome, I felt they liked the match and it was really great to be able to look at the spectators and make everyone cheer for us. “

The impact that the WWE Superstars have had while performing in Saudi Arabia is largely due to the fact that they have been breaking down barriers to the country’s development.

For Bellaire, the idea of ​​being a role model is one she cherishes and wants to fulfill the most – for young girls and boys, everywhere.

“It’s exciting because I always feel like we raise it when we go there – especially when it comes to women. As we continue to add more matches and more women to the card, this will be the most women in a show in Saudi Arabia.

“I remember going out and seeing a little boy who had a sign with every single female wrestler on the show that night. I am very honored to be in this position and to be on this stage to go to Saudi Arabia and the little girls and little boys are really happy to be able to see us in that position.

Sometimes there can be inspiration who gets inspired, and recently Bella met longtime hero Jackie Joyner-Karsi.

Beginning with the United States Track and Field, Joyner-Kersey has won three Olympic gold medals and four world championships, and he was Bellaier’s idol during the years of his formation – he even wrote a story about him in elementary school as part of a black history month project.

For more than 20 years, Fast Forward and WWE Superstar confronted its protagonist as part of the Black History Month celebration, and it was a moment that not only took him back to those days as a child, but also strengthened the role he played for others. Model.

“The moment was amazing. Being able to sit down with someone I used to see as a little girl and impressed me to run tracks and fields. It’s true that I didn’t go to the Olympics and I’m not a professional track and field athlete but it got me to where I am today, “he said.

“It simply came to my notice then that seeing someone like him made me work harder, more determined, he was my role model and he gave it to me so it was very special to sit down with him and express it to him.

“It’s a completely different feeling to meet one of your heroes and have them meet your expectations and actually surpass them. He’s amazing not only on the track but also outside of it and that’s what stuck with me when I met him.

“The feeling he gave me, I want to pass it on to other people, and I am able to do it now. It has inspired me to do more of what you are doing than the person you are – to give back to your community and to be inspired in so many more ways.” A moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life. “

The Elimination Chamber will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 8.00 pm in AST at the Jeddah Superdome, the world’s largest non-pillar superdome. Tickets can be purchased online at Fans can also catch all the action live via the WWE Network.

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