September 27, 2022

The centennial meeting with the Sierra Canyon for the Southern California Open Division Championship was expected to be like any high school basketball game in the state this season. Between star power on the court and a headline on the line, Tuesday’s action was expected to be a classic.

Things didn’t play out that way, though. Century went on an early start and finally blew the Sierra Canyon door with an 83-59 victory.

The Huskies started with a 9-0 lead and did not have to look back as they snatched the Sierra Canyon-drawn California Open Division title. Five of the centenary starters have reached double figures.

Led by Ramsay Half Centennial, which has now won 29 games in a row with 20 points. Devin Williams added 19, while Donovan Dent finished with 18 points. Aaron McBride has 13 points and Jared McCain has 10 points.

Five-star UCLA signatory Amari Bailey tried to bring Sierra Canyon back into the game with a 15-point performance, but the Blazers failed to cut Sentinel’s lead to a single in the second half.

Centennial will now play Modesto Christian for a state championship on Saturday.

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