September 27, 2022

Last week, a huge bat flip around the diamond and a video of the slow motion went viral. The usual controversy began – some said that the home run hitter could celebrate if he wished, while others said that this was the reason baseball was being ruined and that high school students deserved to be hit with a fastball.

Many times, these controversies do not involve (active) major league players, but one involved. St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Jack Flaherty quoted the video and drew attention to an article about what actually happened.

Flaherty tweeted “… I would do the same.”

Complete here Video. Heather, Bryce Rainer, who was ranked No. 4 in Class 2024 in the Perfect Game, took his sweet time to get to the first base.

Originally, the celebration was more focused on trash-talking fans than jugs. According to the Daily News, in an intense game between a pair of excellent California baseball teams, some fans were talking about the families of the players.

“It was a one-time thing,” Rainer told the outlet. “The things they said were unintentional, so, considering the situation, I’m fine with that.”

It’s not just Rainer and Harvard-Westlake who thought it crossed a line. Tom Dill, Notre Dame’s head coach, told the Daily News that he had “a lot of conversations” with students about hacking the next morning.

The three-run home run was part of an innings that broke the 3-3 tie and helped Harvard-Westlake to a 10-3 win.

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