September 27, 2022

Veritas Collegiate Academy (Va.) Basketball star Marcus Robinson rarely reached a career milestone earlier this week, becoming the 251st player in high school basketball history to score 3,000 career points.

And he’s just a sophomore.

Robinson now has 3,008 career points after scoring 24 runs against Atlantic Shores Christian. He averages 33.1 points per game this season and is now ahead of current NBA player Romeo Langford and former NBA player Mike BB (3,002 career points each) in the all-time scoring list. Robinson also surpassed Stanley Jackson, who scored 3,005 career points.

Robinson is currently on the verge of exploding with some more all-time scoring records before the end of his sophomore season. Assuming he’s going to score at his current rate, Robinson leaves former Duke star and future Blue Devils head coach John Share (3,034 career points) and former NBA player Orlando Woodridge (3,036 career points), Penny Hardway (3,039 career points). Go. Murray (3,053 career points) and Bill Bradley (3,068 career points).

Robinson began his high school basketball career at Finney High School in New York, where he played three seasons and averaged 22.7 points per game as an eighth-grader, 43.5 points as a freshman, and 40.4 points in 16 games. . Robinson reclassified the 2024 class after the transfer.

Veritas Collegiate Academy 20-5 and Robinson averaged 30-plus points per game with 6.2 rebounds and 2.7 steals per game. Robinson’s scoring output came in an efficient clip, as he was shooting 53% off the field and 77% off the free-throw line.

Veritas has two games left in the season, as it does not play for a state championship. That should be enough time for Robinson to continue his climb in the high school record book though. That won’t happen this year, but it won’t be long before he becomes the 10th high school basketball player to score 5,000 career points.


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