September 27, 2022

Considered one of the best footballers in the world, Killian Mbappe is a living embodiment of the power of passion, success and dreams early in his life.

Ezra Petronio, multidisciplinary creative director, captures the excellence of the player, applying an uncompromising, timeless but contemporary aesthetic that avoids aesthetics in the latest Hubble ad promotion.

A world-class player, Mbappe, famous for his sportsmanship, spirit and dedication, is a true icon of world football; And yet, it was on the intensity of his direct vision and his openness that the internationally acclaimed photographer chose to concentrate on new promotions.

“It’s an honor to work on this project, to resolve our relationship over time,” said Mbappe. “I like simplicity, and the beauty of lasting things that have a soul.”

Mbappe, Ezra and Hublot combine by sharing values ​​with lasting respect for the search for creativity, work, honesty and perfection.

“An ambassador for the brand, Kylian Pitch is universally respected for his excellence and his humility,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO.

“Ezra is a perfectionist whose unique signature is a creative vision that finds inspiration in all areas of the creative art. Their shared policies reflect the Hublot philosophy, and we’re happy to bring them together for this campaign. “

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