September 27, 2022

ATO GOALKEEPER ACADEMY has produced some good goalkeepers who are already doing well in their respective clubs.



State: Benu

Current Club: Federal Fire Service FC

Terna is a product of the ATO Goalkeeper Academy, and she’s doing really well wherever she is. When asked about our academy experience, he told us that he never believed that our training could change a player completely and that he was grateful for what the academy had done for him.

In his words, “I truly thank the founder of the academy who is my friend, Coach Johnson Attor personally who made the time to train and train me in this chosen career of mine despite his strict schedule, when I started I didn’t think. Where I am today. I’ll be there, because most people never thought I could make it as a goalkeeper because of my height, but Coach Johnson didn’t see it that way, he saw something in me and I’m glad he helped me see it too, and I’m here today. “

AGAA TERNA and teammates after a match

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