September 27, 2022

Another exciting version of Red Bull Car Park Drift continues for another year! This March, the UAE’s most talented drifters will reunite for some of the most exciting events in the region’s motorsports calendar. And there are even new barriers to the store!

The 2022 UAE qualifier for the Red Bull Car Park Drift is set to take place on Sunday 6 March at Suk Al Marfa on Dira Island. And as always, fans and viewers are urged to get there as soon as possible to get as close to the action as possible.


Where? Suk al Marfa, Deira Island

When? Sunday 6 March 2022

Those who are unable to make it during the day will be able to continue all events via the Red Bull Car Park Drift live stream on Red Bull Motorsports’ Facebook page.


Big names in the world of motorsport – Jordan’s Drift King Ahmed Daham; Emirates Motocross Champion Mohammed Al Balushi; Youssef Basil of Lebanon, and Wadah Abdullah Ali of Yemen – are back as judges and guest judges this year.

Also returning is Lebanese drifting legend and Red Bull athlete, Abdo Feghali, as event director.

The winner

The winner of the UAE final, Drifter Red Bull Car Park will earn a place at the Drift World Championships, to be held in Saudi Arabia on 30 November 2022.

They will have the opportunity to make history and join past champions, including recent winners such as 2021 Champion, Ahmed Al Amri (Oman / Qatar), 2019’s Anas El Helu (Jordan), and 2018’s Oliver El Kick (Lebanon). .

Last year’s winner in the UAE

Emirati drifter Mohammed Al Mansuri topped the Red Bull Car Park Drift 2021 UAE qualifiers, beating 35 other participants in his Nissan Sylvia.

Lebanon’s Emir Mohamed Shehab has been dropped from the top spot, followed by Egyptian drifter Ahmed Sameer Al Adal in third place.

So – just what is flowing?

Drifting is said to have originated in Japan in the 1960s, when a group of racers crossed the grip limit of their tires while taking sharp angles to beat their ‘A to B’ race time. Obviously, this didn’t really help the racing season, but what started out turned into a different kind of motorsport – and drifting was born!

When did Red Bull Car Park Drift debut?

The event was held for the first time in 2008 at the car park of City Mall in Beirut, Lebanon, where Michelle Feghali was crowned the first king of the competition.

The winner of the second event was Garo Harutunian, and then in 2010, the Red Bull Car Park Drift was expanded to a regional competition series, with 15 qualifiers in ten countries. The final was held at the Forum de Beraut with the title of Lebanese drifter Ferras Khaddaz.

What are the rules of Red Bull Car Park Drift?

Avoiding roadblocks, drifters must make their way efficiently on a challenging course. Each contestant was judged according to a set of eight criteria for a total of 300 points.

A maximum of 80 points out of 300 has been allocated for drifting skills, with flipper and pendulum challenges up to 40 and 50 points, respectively. Meanwhile, the appearance and design of the car made up 30 points, while tire smoke, car noise, gate and spiral works scored a total of 40 points. The final, clever ‘box’ – the tight enclosure that drifters need to make a ‘donut’ – is worth a combined 60 points.

Drifters will lose points if they interrupt, go the wrong way or turn their car around. Three penalties in one round, and that’s disqualification!

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