September 27, 2022

Pascal Wehrlein from the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team celebrated a remarkable one-two win with Andre Lotter in a historic win for the team at the Mexico City E-Prix on 12 February, the pair finished nine seconds apart from the pack In the round, both the driver and the team won first.

Shortly missing his first podium claim in the second round of the season-opening double-header in Diria, Saudi Arabia, Porsche performed the perfect race, directing both speed and power management, with Wehrlin leading Julius Bear from the pole position and leading the standing position. ROKiT Venturi Racing) resists early.

Following Porsche’s first win at the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship with the team’s two Porsche 99X electric race cars, driver Pascal Wehrlin discusses his victory at the Autodromo Harmans Rodriguez, his experience on the Mexico City tracks, his race on the next race, The desire to win.

What do you think about the changes in vehicle layout between the Diriyah e-Prix and the Mexico City e-Prix, and do you think the improvements will be a factor for other tracks?

“The tracks in Riyadh and Mexico are quite different. And in terms of both the layout and the asphalt, the Mexico track is really right for us. Riyadh was a lot like a night race, so the conditions were quite different. We feel much more comfortable in Mexico; We were comfortable from the first practice session and from there we had to make some changes to stay in a really good place for the weekend race. “

“We were very happy with the way things went in Mexico and will definitely try to do the same on other tracks. The competition is really fierce, and we have to work hard and be humble. Winning in Mexico is a great time for us, because it puts some pressure on the team. Helps the team stay positive and prepare for the next race day. ”

Did you have to practice very differently for the Saudi Arabia vs Mexico City race?

“In Riyadh, there was a lot of sand and dust on the track, so the improvement on the track was huge. The car was constantly changing, the temperature was constantly changing and I was not very comfortable. We had a few good laps in Riyadh, but the track changed quite a bit to qualify and even after the day, so I didn’t really feel like we had windows. In Mexico, this was a more general track, and we can more accurately predict how the car will behave and the changes we will need to make, which was ultimately spot on. We had a good flow in Mexico, which is really important in Formula E from the beginning, and we maintained our position to win the race in the end. “

You talk about the pressure of winning on you and the team. What was it like to finally win in Formula E and do you think you can keep up the same kind of performance throughout the season?

“It simply came to our notice then. We won in Mexico last year but were disqualified after the race. If we had ensured that victory then the situation would have been completely different and the pressure would have been much less. We are all very happy that we got our first win at the very beginning of the season and we are looking forward to a few more wins this season. While we all understand that competition in Formula E is really tough, we’ve been ready for education since last year and we think winning in Mexico is proof of that. “

What was it like last time you went to Mexico City with you? Do you think that you have improved as a driver by coming back and winning the race after being disqualified last year?

“This is a very different track this year. Last year we were in Puebla, Mexico City, a track I am quite familiar with and one we have visited several times in the past. We’ve missed the winning stand on a few occasions here, but I’ve always felt really comfortable in Mexico City. Somehow Mexico has been really good for me – I really like the track, the country, the fans and I enjoy being in Mexico. Things went well together at the time, but I wouldn’t say it was anything special, just the experience of the track and a lot of preparation before the race and during practice. “

What do you think this Porsche year will be like? And how did you celebrate after your victory in Mexico?

“Our goals are much higher this season. I am a very ambitious driver, and I always want to win — every race, every championship. This year we have already shown that we can win the race and now that it has happened, we are in a good place to win the championship.

I celebrated with the team after the victory. Then I went home on Saturday evening where my friends and family had a surprise party for me, which was really nice. ”

The next round will be in Rome – the upcoming race with the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E team and what are your expectations for the future?

“I really love Rome and I have some history with Italy. My friends are also coming to see the race in Italy, so I’m really looking forward to it. Rome also has one of the best tracks of this season My expectations are clear — I want to win.

I’ve been with Formula E for years; Now with Porsche, I have won the race myself, which is very satisfying. At the moment, I’m really happy where I am. I prefer to go to the race knowing I can win instead of just competing in the championship – but you never know. “

What advice do you have for young drivers who are struggling to find a place in the F1 Championship?

“I have been quite open minded in my career since I was in the junior department and I can only share my personal experience. Growing up, he always had that ambition to drive in the F1 Championship, but it gave him limited opportunities for a young driver in his career. So, I moved to Formula 3, then DTM for 3 years where I got my first professional contract and was quite happy to follow my passion of being a professional racing driver. Now, with Formula E, I can see that this is a very exciting place. “

Who has fascinated you so far in the competition?

“Both Venturi and Mercedes have very strong packages, so I hope they stay ahead. Also, Diaz looked very good in Mexico and Ben was very fast in Riyadh, so they are strong competitors. But to be honest, I still won’t write to anyone because it’s the beginning of the season. You have strong entries from Jaguar and Envision, Robin looks particularly good, so there are some drivers in the race for the championship. “

How would you rate this victory? You have won in Formula 3 and DTM, but how special is this victory in Formula E?

“This victory is very special. Obviously, Formula E is a world championship, and this is my first win with Formula E and Team Porsche. It was great that I confirmed my win in Mexico because I have all the history there সাথে with disqualification last year, and a chance to lose 3 years ago. I loved the experience, the fans were great and the podium was great and it was a special moment for me.

The opening two seasons of Season 8 took place under two rounds of light on January 28-29 in Diriya, Saudi Arabia, next to the stunning At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most technically challenging tracks in the series. Formula E adapted new ground with those first night races on the adapted Riyadh Street Circuit, the track is illuminated by the latest low-power LED technology, group and knockout duels are introduced — a new qualification layout and the first in world motorsport — providing a driver and team. To tackle a whole new challenge.

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