September 27, 2022

The College Recruitment is examining the NCAA’s permission limit to pay players for their names and identities. On Friday, The Athletic reported that a high school junior had signed a contract that would pay him কলেজ 8 million in his college junior year.

Athletic was allowed to review the contract under the agreement that the outlet would not report the player’s identity or the school’s NIL sum.

The player will receive $ 350,000 and then a monthly stipend that will increase to more than $ 2 million per year after he starts college, Athletic reports. The Class of 2023 Athlete will attend the public, participate in social media campaigns and perform other NIL activities.

It is considered to be the largest private NIL contract signed by a non-professional athlete.

Athletic reports that in order to avoid violating pay rules for the sport, the agreement does not stipulate enrollment in a specific university, only that it is an NCAA member organization and a member of the school football team.

The player has transferred exclusive rights to use his NIL.

Although the athlete could choose his NCAA school without violating the agreement, athletic writer Stuart Mandel noted that the payment was “to lure him to a particular school – even if not written off” and that Mandel hoped it would be “terrible.” College administrators, many of whom are already frustrated by the incompetence of NCAA police NIL. “

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