September 27, 2022

The tournament concludes with the top polo teams of the season battling for the most coveted trophy in the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series.

The event was full of sports, fun, glamor, entertainment and prizes for the audience.

In the Auto Millennium Cup (Subsidiary Final) Zedan Polo got off to a shaky start in the afternoon after facing AM Polo. Thomas Panello scored the first goal and a quick goal exchange in the next minute.

Zedan Polo took the lead in the second half with a last-second goal from Thomas Panello. The team took full possession of the third quarter as it created a two-goal advantage and both teams consistently showed strength until the end of the fourth.

Tensions escalated as Alejandro Muzio tied the game with nine goals at the start of the last quarter. It was a shock to win but, Panello skillfully avoided his path through a remarkable display of defense by AM Polo which sealed the victory for the Zedan Polo team.

Match progress: 2 – 2 | 5 – 4 | 8 – 6 | 9 – 7 | 11 – 9

Top scorer: Tomas Panelo, 9 goals

The highly anticipated final match of the Dubai Open 2022 features the top contenders for the Silver Cup 2022 tournament – Habtur Polo and UAE Polo teams.

Tommy Beresford scored the first goal of the match for UAE Polo. Mohammad al-Habtur, the patron of the Habtur polo team, tied the first goal with two goals. The teams remain tied until the end of the second but the UAE polo turns everything from the third to the sixth and the last-second penalty shot by Habtur Polo Bautista Bayugar paves the way for the score gap.

With seven minutes left on the clock, Habtur Polo finished the job for them as Beresford made a two-goal cushion in the middle of the choker. As a result of extra time, Bayugar equalized the game in the last 30 seconds.

Supporters on both sides witnessed a final nail-biting bitter end and it was in the middle of overtime when Beresford snatched the victory of UAE Polo.

Match progress: 2 – 2 | 3 – 3 | 5 -4 | ৭ – ৬ | 8 – 8 | 9 – 7

Top scorer: Tommy Beresford, 5 goals

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum has rewarded the teams for the Gold Cup 2022 final, including Sakhr Al Shawa, Group CEO of Auto Millennium. Tommy Beresford is the most valuable player and brilliant, a polo pony that Boutista Bayugar has become the best playing pony.

The teams received excellent gifts from the Misula and Plutus luxury brands.

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